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Meet Joselle

With over a decade of Award Winning sales experience, I have had the good fortune of assisting hundreds of clients realize their dream as it pertains to Home Ownership. This isn't just a Job to me, it's my Passion. I love the excitement on the face of a First Time buyer, A family moving up into their Dream Home or the relief brought to a family Downsizing after a change in circumstances. My continued success is due largely to a 98% Referral/Repeat business. Strong negotiating skills and a commitment to truly LISTENING AND SERVING the needs of my clientele, before, during and after the transaction has gained their loyalty and trust, something that I never take for granted.

As a Mentor and Trainer, I've had the privilege of imparting my expertise and knowledge unto fellow Realtors to assist them in taking their level of professionalism to greater heights, so they too can reap the rewards of building a referral based business and strong professional network.



We are more than happy to recommend Joselle as your real estate agent. A few years ago after we kept expanding our family, the grandparents wanted to sell their house in the n section and buy a nice bungalow in our neighbourhood. Seeing Joselles for sale and sold signs around for years We figured why not give her a call. Who else can find them the perfect home here and sell theirs. The first order of business was to see what we can do about the grandparents house. The first thing she noticed was the grand room above the garage. She went on to say how this feature is uncommon and a great feature, so it will be a unique listing. With the house also being recently renovated also, she went to work on a analysis of the solds in that neighbourhood and where it stood in comparison. She presented the family with a detailed binder with all the past/ present listings with pictures and data. She came up with a game plan from staging to price point and how she was going to market it. With the blink of an eye as soon as the plan was hatched, the house had a bidding war and was sold in less than 24 hours for $45k above the previous highest sold price and set a new record in the neighborhood. At first when she said what it should be listed for we were wary as it seemed high. She reassured us that this is what she does..... and why she’s a pro. She was right. By the next day we had an offer in on a nice bungalow.....it fell through. The sellers went with less because the offer had no inspection attached. Before any panic set in, Joselle told us to hang tight and not to worry. She went on to say it’s time to find you guys a bungalow. The next day over dinner at our house we received a phone call “can you guys and grandma and grandpa make it over to a house by the park in an hour?” We said sure. Joselle went out and found a house for them. We all went over, loved it and shook hands and it was sold. At that moment I knew she was special. I knew she was passionate about her job and cared about our family. We had friends that couldn’t believe that after the sale she didn’t take her foot off the gas. As time went on and not just as neighbors but as friends, our family expanded yet again. Now it was time to move into a 4 bedroom in our neighbourhood since the grandparents just relocated here to be close to the children. With the same in-depth professionalism as our first experience with her, it was time to put our house on the market. Once again I was shocked by what she thought our house was worth, she reassured us that we live in a desirable neighbourhood. And during negotiations which again was a bidding war, she made sure that the potential buyers knew that. After the house was sold she noticed the 4 bedroom across the street was for sale. The agent was a friend of the homeowners. With this agent being from downtown Toronto, he listed their house as a standard north Brampton home. Within a day the home was ours. We couldn’t believe we sold our 3 bedroom for 50k+ more than our new purchase. When that all transpired it was evident.....are we ever glad we used her. With Joselle comes something.....professionalism, loyalty and hey even friendship. There is also a little thing I noticed about her negotiating skills.... she’s a tiger! And I wouldn’t want to be on the other side of the table!

The Briffett family

I was searching for my ideal condo and Joselle Alves worked with me diligently to make this happen. She was fantastic to work with: knowledgable, professional, helpful and very responsive to my questions. After finding a condo, Joselle made my life easier by connecting me with contractors for upgrades. I appreciated the market expertise and strategic guidance that she provides to help clients achieve their goals. I highly recommend Joselle to others.


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